Interesting Links
A few interesting links about Professional Photography, Technology, Social Media, and Gadgets that I’ve come across recently. Some are smart, some are funny, and some are just plain dumb, but they are all interesting for one reason or another. Have a look and let me know what you think:

  • Subscriber Engagement Over Time | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
    It’s interesting to note that subscriber engagement to the content that gets dumped into their email lists always declines, but that happens even faster when subscribers are added to the list rather than when they choose to add themselves to the list. Photographers should not assume that this means that they should not add their existing clients to their mailing lists, but it does mean that you can’t expect the same engagement from those subscribers as they are likley to see from subscribers that choose to add themselves!
  • : Brands Will Have To Work Harder (Or Buy Ads) For Your Attention — But Fans Still Matter | TechCrunch
    business pages are rapidly becoming less and less useful for photographers, unless you pay for page views. claims that this is because there are so many pages crying for attention in the average users timeline. It sure appears that it’s a desparate grab for cash by . It won’t be long before many photographers start turing to Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr as there primary social channels…
  • Backblaze Blog » How long do disk drives last?
    After 4 years in operation more than 80% of the hard drives that Backblaze have ever installed are still in operation. They expect that the median lifespan of a consumer grade HDD will be more than 6 years. That’s a long time, on average. But keep in mind that this in no way implies that the drive you are using right now won’t fail tomorrow…
  • How can I prevent Toolbar from being installed every time Java is updated?
    The extremely annoying Ask Toolbar is set by default to install every time Java is updated on your computer. It turns out that there is a very simple and elegant solution to prevent the toolbar (or any other Sponsor toolbar applications that typically installed with auto-updaters) from being installed during the Java auto-update process.
  • What Buyers Want From Photographers
    PhotoShelter and Agency Access have joined forces for the third year in a row to bring you the 2013 Survey: What Buyers Want From Photographers. We surveyed hundreds of photo buyers worldwide to get their tips to help you market better, improve your website, and get hired. Also get up to speed on budget and industry trends, plus read in-depth interviews from buyers at leading editorial publications and ad agencies.
  • Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack Service Notice Issued
    Canon have issued a "fix" for LP-E6 batteries (used in Canon 5D and 7D cameras) that won't take a charge and the result in a rapidly flashing orange light when plugged into the charger. Although they claim that this will work only with OEM batteries I know of at least one case where an aftermarket battery was also able to be recovered using this method.

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